Disney Twisted Tales: Mulan - Reflection

A dark, daring twist on a timeless Disney story. Can warrior princess Mulan strike a deal with Death himself? Captain Shang has been mortally wounded in battle. But Mulan won’t let a little thing like that destroy the man she loves. So she travels to the Underworld to bring him back – and she’s not taking no for an answer. But as we all know, death is meant to be a one-way ticket. King Yama, ruler of the Underworld, won’t give Shang up without a hard bargain. Mulan has until sunrise to find Shang’s spirit, with the help of his lion guardian, ShiShi. But if Mulan and Shang aren’t gone by dawn, they’ll be King Yama’s prisoners for all time…

  • A dazzlingly dark new take on the Mulan film story
  • From a new series that reimagines classic Disney tales
  • Daring and hugely imaginative – perfect for older fans
  • Printed on textured paper for an unusual vintage look

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