Disney Villains: Mother Knows Best

A Tangled tale of greed, dark magic and the wicked Old Witch. Who is the most interesting character in Tangled? Mother Gothel. The old witch who watches, and covets, and schemes. Every time the legend of the golden flower is told, in many ways, through many ages, the old witch lurks in the background. She dreams of having the flower for herself, of being young and beautiful again. But who is the witch? Where does she come from? Why does she long to turn back time? At last, after centuries of silence, her dark tale is about to be told…

  • Part of an exciting new series about key Disney villains
  • Tells a hidden story in a compelling and daring new way
  • By the acclaimed author of Nightmares and Fairy Tales
  • A compelling next step for fans of Disney Twisted Tales

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