Dog Head Bites Back

He raced to the mirror, and a fine canine head glared back at him. Every spare bit of flesh was covered in a blue-black velvety fur. Doghead was back.

It’s a dog’s life for Jack Bootle-Cadogan. Quite literally. He’s a normal boy who just happens to transform, every so often, into Anubis, the Egyptian god of the dead: half-human, half-jackal! And now he must travel to the Afterlife and join his dead grandparents in a fight against an evil that could affect all of history! Can Jack succeed in his toughest mission yet – to prevent the dreadful god Seth from wreaking a tide of divine terror over the inhabitants of the local holiday park? And will he manage to conceal his increasingly canine appearance?

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  • Really funny book about egyptian gods

    8 March 2014

  • I think this book looks really funny and with the tittle makes it more funny and I say a bit more intresting can’t wait to read it!

    13 December 2012

  • loved it

    This book is a great sequel to the first book “dog head.” I’d recommend this book to 10 and older readers, as it is quite long and there are hard words for younger readers.

    17 September 2011

  • I loved it. I love when the dog gets chased by bites.

    25 May 2011

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