‘QUICK! Turn on the news! NOW!’ Gran said. There was something in her voice – perhaps the high-pitched scream – that suddenly commanded everyone’s attention. ‘Why?’ queried Mark. ‘Because it’s THE END OF THE WORLD!’ Gran said.

The year is 2347. Every living thing is leaving Earth to move to a new planet. But on the way, disaster strikes! The Dogstar – a space-ark filled with all the world’s dogs – goes missing with the Clarks’ beloved mutt Hobart on board. Now the Clark kids are off on a daring mission to rescue him. But first they must face an evil genius and a rock-throwing alien tribe. Can they bring their heroic hound home – or will it be curtains for him? Now a hit BBC cartoon, this chuckle-a-minute comedy is bonkers barking mad!

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  • very funny and exciting book

    8 March 2014

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    An interesting book. Very different,.

    9 March 2013

  • Very interesting

    1 March 2012

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    Hi this is a perfect book beacause i have nt read en this book I am really excited to read this book.I,m really sorry for not coming on your website bye.

    3 February 2009

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