Dora the Explorer: 1000 Stickers

Now kids can explore even more with feisty Dora! This book has 1000 stickers and countless great activities to help little ones learn about shapes, colours and more. Now your child can join their favourite young adventurer, plus her friends Boots and Backpack, in an exploration of Dora’s vibrant world. They will collect Explorer stars and discover key learning concepts including shapes, colours, crafts and motion. Over 80 fun-filled activities build problem-solving skills and also help children master cognitive skills and develop self-esteem.

Fun Stuff


  • Colour in Dora

    Here’s a picture of Dora for you to colour in.

    Download Colour in Dora
  • Dora Colouring

    Use the spanish colour guide to colour Dora and Isa.

    Download Dora Colouring
  • Dora Decorations

    Print out and colour this picture of Dora and friends. When you’ve finished you can cut out the picture and hang it on a ribbon to decorate your room.

    Download Dora Decorations
  • Dora's sign

    Download this Dora The Explorer sign to put on your bedroom door.

    Download Dora's sign

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