The author of Smile; the geek factor of Dork Diaries and the verve of a Broadway musical! There’s a new queen of cartoon funnies, and her name is Raina. She’s the must-have fix for comics fans. All her pictures are in colour. All her stories are hilarious. And she’s won enough awards to make you stop and look twice. Now here’s a story full of drama: high school drama, that is! Callie loves theatre, and she intends to create a set worthy of Broadway for the school play. But it’s harder than she thought, and then two cute brothers enter the picture…

  • A hilarious graphic novel with full-colour artwork
  • By the acclaimed author of Ghosts, Smile and Sisters
  • Beautifully illustrated in Raina’s unmistakable style
  • Friendship, school, crushes and heaps of funny drama

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  • loved it

    Really fun! Love it

    28 May 2020

  • loved it

    it was a great book! Any age can read it!

    28 February 2017

  • loved it

    I liked this book. I didn’t understand a few parts when I first read it, but then when I got it as a gift, I really read it and understand it.

    13 July 2016

  • liked it

    This book is in my schools library and it is so good that I take it out at least twice every year!

    4 June 2015

  • This is very good and very funny. I love the way it’s written.

    9 March 2014

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  • Awards

    Raina Telgemeier was awarded a Boston Globe-Horn Book Honor for Smile.

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