Earth Heroes: 20 Inspiring Stories of People Saving Our World

It’s a fight for the future. Forget the politicians. Here are the REAL voices of change. When faced with climate change, the biggest threat our planet has ever confronted, it’s easy to feel as if nothing you do can really help. And it’s even worse when politicians don’t seem to care. Yet this book proves that your voice DOES count, and individual people CAN change the world. It contains 20 inspiring true stories that celebrate the work of pioneering Earth Heroes, from Greta Thunberg and David Attenborough to Yin Yuzhen and Isatou Ceesay. Each tale is a beacon of hope in the fight to save our world.

  • True-life stories of 20 people fighting for our planet
  • Vivid and detailed accounts full of fascinating facts
  • Incredibly timely and full of inspiring, hopeful voices
  • A must for anyone dedicated to the climate revolution
  • Proof that just one person can make a real difference

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