Electronic Talking Room Guard

You can’t guard your room 24 hours a day. Is a human guard too expensive? Is your family dog not ferocious enough? No worries. Protect your stuff with the ingenious TALKING gadget that scares snoopers away, and keeps intruders where they belong – on the outside of your door! Build it yourself. Hang it on the door. Let it sense intruders coming. Now it speaks: PRIVATE. KEEP OUT!

Kit contains 32-page handbook all about protecting your stuff, and an electronic alarm to build. You’ll also need 3AA batteries (not included in the kit).

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  • cby

    this looks quite nice im thinking of buying it and only the problem is that it looks quite too expensive maybe if theygive it £3.99 or £4.99 but not 5.99 so lets see

    28 April 2010

  • loved it


    19 March 2008

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