Eliza Boom’s Diary: My Fizz-Tastic Investigation

Imagine Einstein as a mop-headed girl. Big bangs. Big laughs. Crazy inventions. Some girls like ribbons. Some like kittens. Eliza likes wacky science that goes BANG! She never says no to a good explosion. (We know how she feels. Nor do we.) Now Eliza has a sinister new neighbour. Her name is Mrs McNice (a bit too nice, don’t you think). Weirder still, her house fizzes and buzzes eerily. Making bombs, zapping zombies: what is she doing in there? Can Eliza’s super-cool schemes and gadgets solve the mystery? Silly laughs, massive doodles; think Tom Gates with mad hair and great science. Read if you fancy a BLAST. Or a fizz, for that matter.

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  • Emily Gale

    Emily Gale is the author of Girl, Aloud.

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