Eliza Rose

Gossip! Boys! Royals! Danger! Meet Eliza Rose: a Tudor lady’s maid whose life is like yours – in some ways! Chances are, you know someone like Eliza: a headstrong romantic. (Her favourite daydream: who will her future husband be…?). But we bet you don’t know anyone with a job like hers – a maid of honour at Henry the Eight’s court! Is her glamorous cousin Katherine Howard a friend or a rival? Do the court whispers of treason and treachery amount to anything? And will Eliza ever get to choose her own destiny in a world ruled by men? Think Henry VIII meets Hetty Feather: serious history with a light touch.

  • Glorious historical fiction set in the court of Henry VIII
  • Full of romance, treachery, intrigue and real-life facts
  • Lucy Worsley is a top historian and BBC TV presenter
  • She presented Britain’s Tudor Treasure and A Very British Romance

This book contains mature themes.

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