Elizabeth Wein Pack x 3

The book equivalent of having your heart run over by a steamroller. Three times over. These war stories are utterly brilliant but definitely need an emotional health warning. (This is yours.) “It haunts me,” says our own dear Maggie Stiefvater. “Passionate… utterly compelling.” “Unforgettable and wrenching.” The reviews say it far better than we can. Not to mention the slew of top awards these books have hoovered up. But be warned: this is raw, bleak stuff. Think Gestapo cells and Nazi death camps. Very much not for the faint-hearted. The ‘ouch’ factor is off the scale. So why would we want you to read these books? Simply because they’re the most amazing tribute to the human spirit you’ll read for ages. Worth all the pain. (And yes. They hurt.)

  • Heart-stopping tales of war and courage by a simply brilliant author
  • These books have won glowing reviews and dozens of awards
  • Strong, believable heroines who play a real, active role in wartime
  • Elizabeth Wein is a pilot, poet and author of the Lion Hunters series

This pack contains themes more suitable for older readers.

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  • Awards

    Elizabeth Wein was awarded a 2013 Michael L. Printz Honor for Code Name Verity.

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