Elmer's Special Day

What’s the best day in the world – or, at least, in the jungle? It’s not Easter, or even Christmas. It’s Elmer Day! Once every year, all the elephants have a big, noisy parade in honour of their patchwork friend. Now Elmer Day is coming up, and the elephants are getting ready. But they’re so excited they’re making a terrible din! The other jungle animals are getting rather upset. But then Elmer has a great idea. Why not invite them all to join in?

  • A fun-filled story to celebrate World Elmer Day
  • Join all the jungle animals at a special parade!
  • Exuberant colour artwork full of joy and energy
  • Children love the surreal and witty Elmer books

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  • Awards

    David McKee won the Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis (German Youth Literature Prize) in 1987 for Two Monsters.

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