Enchanted World: Silky and the Rainbow Feather

The magical folk of the Enchanted Wood face a terrible threat to their existence – the death of the Faraway Tree! Is there a way to save it by finding the lost Talismans that provide the life force of the tree? Silky the fairy recruits her friends to search the Land of Fairies for the first Talisman: a magical rainbow feather. But can the five fairies get to the Talisman before the evil troll Talon gets his hands on it? If not, the Magical Faraway Tree will die, and the connection with the enchanted world will be lost forever…

A spellbinding new story which continues the tale of Enid Blyton’s Enchanted Wood and the Magical Faraway Tree!

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    This book was a nice book but could be a bit better.

    24 July 2014

  • my mum read this to me when i was little and i read it too

    8 March 2014

  • Really Good!

    7 March 2013

  • I really want to read this book!

    15 January 2012

  • liked it

    I have read a book called The Enchanted Wood. It was about three children exploring the Enchanted Wood. But they meet Silky, who is in the Enchanted World. It was wrote by Enid Blyton, but The Enchanted Wood was written by Eloise Allen. So it’s pretty confusing. The Faraway Tree was also mentioned in the book as well.

    So imagine: One author wrote a nice story. Another author copied that story and changed and made it into her own series.

    5 October 2010

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  • Awards

    Enid Blyton was posthumously awarded the first Enid Blyton Award for Lifetime Contribution to Children.

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