Ever After High Pair

The legendary school for fairy tale characters. Good. Evil. Happy endings? Watch this space. Forget history homework: at Ever After High, the timetable is poison apples and enchanted kisses. It’s where the Snow Whites and Prince Charmings of fairy tales are trained. Trouble is, their stories are already written. And if they refuse their scripted fate, it’s The End. Or so rumour says. Not bad if you’re a dashing hero or a pretty princess. But one wicked witch isn’t quite so thrilled with her alloted fate. Can Raven rebel against destiny? Or will that mean happily never after for them all?

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  • I have read the story book of legends but i have not read the unfairest of them all

    20 March 2015

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    Shannon Hale received a Newbery Honor for Princess Academy in 2006.

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