Ever After High School Stories #4: Fairy's Got Talent

When a dark fairy tangles with dark magic, can the outcome ever be good? Nope – but it does make an awesome light comedy! Faybelle Thorn hates looking good. She wants to look bad! Her mum is a legendary Dark Fairy, and she wants everybody to know it. Now Justine Dancer needs to choose a wicked fairy queen for the school play. It’s the role Faybelle was born for. She’s not waiting in the wings! But when the role doesn’t land in her lap, Faybelle uses dark magic. Who needs to play fair when you’re evil, hey? Unless, of course, your spells backfire…

  • A charming all-new Ever After School Story
  • Hilarious look at why it’s not so good to be bad
  • Witty life lessons and insights into school life
  • Gorgeously ornate black-and-pink text design

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