Everything I Know About You

“But it was Mum!” Eric told Lizzie. “I saw her…”

At first, Lizzie thinks it’s just one of her little brother’s stories. Their mother is dead. There’s no way she could be working in the museum gift shop. But what if Eric’s not lying? Could he be telling the truth? If there’s a mystery at the heart of Lizzie’s family, she is determined to solve it… A gripping story of family secrets, written by the acclaimed author of The Truth About Josie Green.

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    7 March 2012

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    it is rubbish

    20 November 2008

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  • Belinda Hollyer

    Belinda Hollyer is an editor-turned-author who hails from New Zealand. Her latest novel is a work of historical fiction for Hodder Children’s Books – Long Walk To Lavender St – charting the course of apartheid in South Africa. She is also the author of ‘Votes for Women’ in the Double Take series and the anthologist of Kingfisher’s Haven’t you grown! poetry collection.

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