Fabio the World's Greatest Flamingo Detective #1: The Case of the Missing Hippo

Forget the Pink Panther. Fabio the pink flamingo is stylish, smart and great at solving crimes! Fact: not all detectives wear strange hats like Sherlock Holmes, or drive a smart blue car like Nancy Drew. Fabio, for example, lives in a small town on the banks of Lake Laloozee. Oh, and he’s a flamingo! That’s right: he’s feathery, pink and super-smart! Just like any proper detective, Fabio has a sidekick: Gilbert the giraffe. (Gilbert’s not very good at disguises, but he is very nice.) One day, the pair pop into the Hotel Royale for nice drink of pink lemonade. But it’s the day of the talent show, and a star contestant has vanished. Where is she? Can Fabio figure it out?

  • A witty crime-busting caper by the author of Captain Pug
  • Brilliantly entertaining fun with heaps of vivid characters
  • Kids will love the stylish setting and pink/green artwork
  • For fans of Claude, Foxy Tales and The Pink Panther

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