Fairy Bears Pair: Primrose and Misty

Cuddly little teddies the size of bumble-bees, with glittering wings and magic in their paws! They’re the Fairy Bears of Firefly Meadow. And now kind-hearted Misty and plucky Primrose both have their own magical missions to complete, helping troubled children and animals out. Can caring Misty help Jessica and her new stepsister to make friends? And does Primrose have enough magic to help a dog and a little girl called Lucy? Irresistible adventures from a spellbinding series for anyone who loves magic or animals!

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Fun Stuff


  • Fairy Bears Colouring

    Dizzy and Sunny are the best of friends. Colour this picture of them on the way to school.

    Download Fairy Bears Colouring
  • Fairy Bears Factfile

    Is your favourite flower a rose like Blossom? Do you love drawing like Misty? Fill in this fun fact file and share with your friends too.

    Download Fairy Bears Factfile
  • Fairy Bears Honey Cake Recipe

    Dizzy loves eating yummy sticky honey cake! Why not have a go at making your own?

    Download Fairy Bears Honey Cake Recipe
  • Fairy Bears Wordsearch

    Help the Fairy Bears find all of the magical words in this puzzle.

    Download Fairy Bears Wordsearch

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  • loved it

    I didn’t really like reading until I found out about the Fairy Bears, but now I want to read the whole series!

    olivia, age 6

    15 March 2011

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