Famous Five: Case Files 3 and 4

There’s Max, Dylan, Jyoti, Allie and Timmy the dog. Five smart, savvy young sleuths with their fingers firmly on the button. But can the five race to the rescue when George is kidnapped by an old enemy? And how will they save Darkstone from being terrorised by a fierce wolf-lizard hybrid beast?

Contents: The Case of the Impolite Snarly Thing and The Case of the Sticks and their Tricks

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    8 March 2014

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    4 March 2013

  • I likethis book

    23 August 2012

  • I have read the different version which is about Julian, Dick, Anne, George and timmy the dog. Which you can see on this website.www.enidblyton.net/famous-five.com

    2 June 2009

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