Far from Home: The Sisters of Street Child

Tissues needed! Will Lizzie and Emily escape the mills of Victorian England? And will their brother Jim ever see them again? In Street Child, Jim Jarvis struggled to survive as a starving runaway. In this book, you’ll meet his sisters Lizzie and Emily – orphaned and alone, just like him. When Jim is taken from them, they don’t know if they’ll ever see him again. Soon their quest for survival takes them to northern England, to work in the dreaded cotton mills. Under the keen eyes of the mill owners, the girls must toil like slaves. Should they run away – or would that mean certain death?

  • A moving new Street Child story from Berlie Doherty
  • Based on the true experiences of Victorian mill girls
  • Street Child is a classic loved for over 20 years
  • Berlie won the Carnegie Medal for Dear Nobody

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  • loved it

    Really good,quite sad at parts but it’s still enjoyable.You’ll won’t have a dry eye at the end! :3

    21 December 2017

  • I really wish we could look inside this because I would like to know their part of the story!

    7 April 2016

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  • Awards

    Berlie Doherty has twice won the Carnegie Medal for Dear Nobody and Granny Was a Buffer Girl.

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