Farticus Maximus: Stink-Off Battle of the Century

Farticus Maximus is a boy gladiator with a wickedly gassy weapon. His almighty wind may not be silent – but it sure is deadly! But as Farticus attemps to steal glory in the stink-off battle of the century, can he trump his way to triumph? Have a flatulently funny time with Farticus and his stinking crowd of sidekicks in a second book of smelly stories to blow you away. Rude, riotous and ridiculously hilarious, this book is for anyone who thinks farting is funny. Come on, we know that includes you!

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    This Farticus Maximus book is as great as the first one. With a farting hater dad, a boy and his friends who get rescued by his farts and much more including Farticus Maximus’ greatest chalinge.

    18 August 2012

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