Favourite Friends Lucky Dip Pack x 10

Our brilliant lucky dip pack – great fun and great value. Give it a whirl and see what you come up with! Who doesn’t love the fun of plunging into a lucky dip barrel and pulling out a cool surprise? Well, this mixed pack of books works a bit like that. You can’t be sure exactly what treats you’ll come up with! Will you come up trumps with SpongeBob, or lose your heart to the Care Bears? Are you in for superhero action with Marvel, or wooftastic fun with the Paw Patrol? One thing is guaranteed: hours of delight with best-loved fictional friends. Everyone’s a winner! Nothing but lovely surprises!

  • 10 exciting favourites featuring best-loved characters
  • ‘Lucky dip’ selection – see what you come up with!
  • Contents may include stories, activity books or both
  • A fun and surprising way to keep children entertained

Please note: this pack will always contain ten books but titles may vary.

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