Fierce, Fearless and Free: Girls in Myths and Legends from Around the World

Who needs a prince? The girls are taking charge! Once upon a time, there was a handsome prince who – wait! No! That’s not right! Once upon a time, there were strong, fierce women who plotted, schemed, took action, showed kindness, used magic and trickery and forged their own destinies. Such as the long-haired Petrosinella, who escaped the tower and broke the evil spell that an ogress had cast over her. Or Nana Miriam, who triumphed through politeness and magic. Or Kate Crackernuts, who broke a queen’s cruel curse. These girls of legend are doing it for themselves!

  • Brilliant traditional tales in which girls take charge
  • Richly vivid stories drawn from the world’s folklore
  • Tales from China, Scotland, Italy, Nigeria and more
  • Inspiring, inclusive, gorgeously illustrated fairy tales
  • Lari Don is an award-winning Scottish storyteller

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