Flags of the World

Learn about and identify the flags of the world, wherever you are! Spot them on TV, in the news or – best of all – on holiday, and stick the stickers on your very own world map! Discover the history of some unusual and curious flags, and turn the interactive wheel to reveal lots of fantastic facts. This colourful book is brilliant for homework, projects, holidays – or just for fun!

  • 24-page book with over 190 flag stickers
  • Turning wheel which shows over 150 flag facts
  • Fold-out world map

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  • okay

    I liked the stickers that come with this and the map but the rest was a bit boring

    8 March 2013

  • this boo was ok but is was cind of good because it gives you computer links. i would give it a four and a half out of onehundred.

    8 August 2009

  • okay

    It was ok but a bit boring so i would give it a 4/10

    5 June 2009

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