Flip Top Electronic Organiser

Yes! The bestselling all-in-one organiser that lets you do it all! Listen to music, plan your day or relax with a game. There are 10 fantastic functions to keep you entertained wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, from games and a radio to a countdown clock. So if you’ve not yet got one, grab it quick!

Functions include: local and world time, alarm, countdown timer, phone book, currency converter, calculator, FM radio, 2 games, schedule reminder and earphones.

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  • i am buying this from school and for school

    2 October 2009

  • loved it

    i love the radio

    12 January 2009

  • liked it

    The electronic organiser is great. I live in Guernsey and can pick up radio from Frannce and England.The only downside is the games are rubbish.

    16 September 2008

  • loved it

    Absoloutely Outstanding

    12 September 2008

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