Flirty Dancing/Love Bomb Pair

Hang on to your heart! Jenny McLachlan is exploding on the teen scene with the might of a thousand fizzing fireworks. If a Lush bath bomb could be a book, it would be like this! Flirty Dancing: a TV dance-off in a school setting, with a thwarted heroine who’ll do anything to win. Katniss in a ra-ra skirt! Love Bomb: first love that hits Betty like a bomb going off. Kaboom! She’s never even kissed a boy. And now THIS ! Rom-com delight with future Queen of Teen stamped all over it. Devour these books, and then make space in your life for Jenny’s brand new novel, Sunkissed.

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    Winner of the Dudley Children’s Book Award for Truly, Wildly, Deeply.

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