Flying Tips for Flightless Birds

Teen life is like walking a high-wire. You can’t wobble, or you’ll crash-land. Ouch! But growing up in the circus rarely makes for balance. It’s tough enough for twins Finch and Birdie to square up their trapeze act with everyday life. Especially when first love pops into the mix! But then Birdie has a terrifying trapeze accident and finds herself grounded. Now everything is thrown out of whack. Is this the end for their double act? Will the family circus school have to close? And will Birdie be flightless forever? Only one thing’s for sure: the show must go on…

  • A heartfelt tale of life, love, family – and the circus!
  • Topics of juggling expectations and finding yourself
  • Kooky, romantic writing with a dash of showbiz magic
  • By an original and highly acclaimed new YA voice

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