Forever Rose

Rose is lonely, and sick of coming home each day to a dark, empty house. Saffy’s off with Sarah, Indigo has his paper round, Eve’s in quarantine in the shed, and who knows where Caddy is since she disappeared with Michael’s postcards! The only one around is David, and Rose would rather be alone than with him! She needs to find a way to make life feel like fun again. And a girl as fierce and brave as Rose WILL get what she wants… won’t she?

“Here’s a book that truly proves the joys to be had from reading.” Books for Keeps

“It does what we hope JK Rowling would do: it makes everything you wish for come true, including the unlikeliest of outcomes.” Sunday Times

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  • loved it

    Such a great book! every page was full of epicness

    6 March 2014

  • I love these books, Rose is defiantly my favourite character but they are all so loveable. If you stick with these books you won’t regret it.

    4 March 2013

  • loved it

    charming and funny. the Casson family are so unpredictable

    4 March 2013

  • Hilary Mckay also has a sequel called ‘The Exiles’. There are three books in the series, The Exiles, The Exiles in Love, and The Exiles at home. They are about four sister who have lots of adventures! I thoroughly recommend these books to anyone who has read any of the Casson Family Stories and enjoyed them! They are written in the third person.

    1 August 2011

  • loved it

    I adore this book! I love the days in Rose’s style. I have read all of the Casson family books, and they are brilliant. This is my 2nd favourite Hillary McKay book.

    11 July 2009

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  • Photo of Hilary McKay

    Hilary McKay

    Hilary McKay is the award-winning author of many children’s books including the much loved Casson family series.


    Hilary’s awards include the Guardian prize for The Exiles, the Nestle Smarties prize for The Exiles at Home, and the Costa Award for Saffy’s Angel and The Skylark’s War.

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