Foul Play: Off Side

When Danny Harte discovers there’s been an anonymous foreign buy-out of his local club, City, he’s furious. The fans were about to buy it themselves! The club is being secretive, and a suspicious Danny is sure something fishy is going on. But his own investigations go very wrong when Danny is caught staking out the club, and cautioned by the police. Then Danny stumbles into Adam. He’s a kid brought over from Ghana, promised a place as a junior at City, and then dumped by his agent in a foreign country he knows nothing about. Danny realises that Adam could be the clue he’s been looking for. But when he takes Adam’s story to the press, it has terrifying consequences for them both… A spine-chilling football thriller from the acclaimed author of Dead Ball.

Praise for Dead Ball:

“Scores with the precision of a Ronaldo free kick” Sunday Times

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    Tom Palmer

    Tom Palmer is the author of the Foul Play and Football Academy football books.

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