Nothing ever happens in the tiny Welsh town of Manod. Dylan should know – he’s the only boy there! What’s more, his parents run the Snowdonia Oasis Auto Marvel garage, and (when he’s not trying to persuade his sisters to play football) Dylan is in charge of the petrol log. That means he gets to keep track of everyone coming in and out of Manod. But when a mysterious convoy of lorries trundles up the misty mountainside one day, Dylan is baffled. Who are these people? What are they up to? Inspired by the true story of how artistic treasures from London’s National Gallery were hidden in a Welsh slate mine during World War Two, this comical, heartwarming story shows how the beauty of art touches the life of one boy and his family.

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  • loved it

    This is an absolutely fabulous book with many hilarious characters. The funniest character would have to be the main character’s little sister, Minnie. She is absolutely fascinated with criminals!

    11 April 2013

  • loved it

    Lovely book. Beyond that actually. Funny, entertaining and hugely gripping. Loved it to bits

    2 March 2013

  • really good

    3 March 2012

  • We read together as a class i thought it was going to be so boring but in the end it was really cool!!!!! I love millie!!!!

    1 December 2010

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  • Photo of Frank Cottrell Boyce

    Frank Cottrell Boyce

    Frank Cottrell Boyce is an author, screenwriter and writer of the London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony! His first children’s book Millions won the Carnegie medal, and was made into a film by Danny Boyle. He used to run a Punch and Judy show, earning a fortune in small change, and just like Damian in Millions, he is a Catholic who is fascinated by stories of the saints.


    Winner of the Carnegie Medal for Millions.

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