Geek Girl Special #2: Sunny Side Up

Crikey! What’s hotter than the Med in July? Harriet Manners at Paris Fashion Week. Yup: Geek Girl is the world’s new It Girl. Earth is worshipping geekdom! Wait up – rewind. How did this happen? Your fave Geek Girl has no idea. She knows many facts about Paris. (Exact dimensions of the Eiffel Tower. Etc.) But how to become the new face of Europe’s top fashion capital? Fail! Can Harriet find her va va voom on the catwalk? And win the whole world over to her geeky cause? Simple! All she has to do is be herself, and flaunt her unique geek-chic style. (It worked on us, after all.)

  • A gorgeously summery, uplifting Geek Girl special
  • Geek Girl was the UK’s bestselling YA book in 2013
  • It also won the 2014 Waterstones Children’s Book Prize
  • “Guaranteed to get you laughing” – The Week Junior

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  • Photo of Holly Smale

    Holly Smale

    Holly Smale is the author of the incredibly funny Geek Girl books starring our favourite smart and funny braniac turned model Harriet Manners.


    Holly Smale has won the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize (Older Fiction) and the 11-14 category of the Leeds Book Award for Geek Girl.

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