Generation Hope: You(th) Can Make a Difference!

It’s a fact: the world is in trouble. But don’t give up! Meet Generation Hope! Here are 88 unstoppable young activists and change-makers who are making the world a better place right now. They’re taking on everything from climate change and pollution to radical kindness and animal welfare. Actually, all that is just the start. Gender equality, conservation, social justice, homelessness, hunger and mental health are also on the to-do list! So if you’re feeling a bit hopeless, this book is the perfect kick up the bum. Proof that you(th) can make a difference – however big the problem!

  • Profiles of young activists tackling 20 key global issues
  • Conservation, social justice, climate change and more
  • Full of bite-sized facts laid out in a dynamic graphic style
  • An upbeat look at the issues that matter most right now
  • All the issues simply explained with handy action points

The featured young people include:

  • Greta Thunberg (Sweden)
  • Dara McAnulty (Ireland)
  • Thomas Truby (Scotland)
  • Aran Cosentino (Italy)
  • Bradanovics Bendeguz (Hungary)
  • Jakob Blasel (Germany)
  • Bana al Abed (Syria)
  • Zulaikha Patel (South Africa)
  • Salvador Gomez Colon (Puerto Rico)

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