Get Me Out of Here! x 30

A survival legend teams up with a super-funny writer in this tale of school trip disasters. Will you die of danger – or of laughter? Danny Mack’s mates are brilliant. There’s his best mate Giraffles (yeh, you read that right), who has the longest neck you’ve ever seen. And the M&M twins (you got it – like the chocolate) who always finish each other’s sentences. Oh, and Lucky Success, who – well, I reckon you can guess how he got his name. They’re the best mates ever, and when an epic school trip comes up, they’re properly excited. It’s going to be the biggest laugh ever, right? Erm, WRONG. Let’s just say these buddies have a BIG challenge on their hands…

  • By survival legend Andy McNab and writer Phil Earle
  • An adventure story full of laughs, heart and excitement
  • Andy McNab is the bestselling author of Bravo Two Zero
  • Phil Earle’s books include Being Billy and Demolition Dad
  • Perfect for fans of Frank Cottrell-Boyce and Roddy Doyle

Supplied as a pack of 30 copies.

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