Ghost Hunter

Her cry rips the souls from your marrow. With her spear she snares them. She devours them. Eostra truly is an eater of souls.

Winter is coming. But as Souls’ Night draws near, Eostra the Eagle Owl Mage holds the clans in the grip of terror. Now Torak must leave the Forest and seek her lair in the Mountain of Ghosts, while Renn faces an agonising decision. Wolf, their faithful pack-brother, must fight his own wrenching grief. And in the final battle against the forces of darkness, Torak must face the most shattering choice of all… Ghost Hunter, the final book in the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series, draws you for the last time into the shadowy world of the deep past, and finally brings Torak’s long journey to an end.

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  • loved it

    3 June 2016

  • Absolutely incredible and a fitting end to the series. I absolutely loved it, full of drama as the rest.

    5 March 2014

  • Te best in the sieries I almost cried when the wolf cubs where atackt!!!!

    4 December 2011

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  • Photo of Michelle Paver

    Michelle Paver

    Michelle Paver is author of the fantastic Chronicles of Ancient Darkness books.


    Michelle Paver won the 2010 Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize for Ghost Hunter.

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