Girl Online

Shining brighter than the sun! The top-selling debut novel of ALL TIME. Read it now and join the frenzied mob waiting for Zoella’s next book. Penny Porter has two lives. Her secret online blog, where she tells all without holding back. And her real life, where she keeps her true feelings hidden. Yup – she’s keeping it real on the blog, and keeping it unreal in real life. Online, she can tell all about school, family, cyberbullies and her panic attacks. It’s helping, even if nobody’s reading. But when she falls in love with gorgeous rock star Noah and her blog goes viral, suddenly the WHOLE WORLD IS!

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  • absolutely loved It !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 best book eva so basically I love it as it makes u feel soo sorry for the main character, penny and its also absolutely hillariuos how I got into it was all the girls at my school were reading it and I saw it for £6.99 (not as cheap as on this book club) and I had a tenner so I had 2 get it! it is a must hav for 12 year old gals so if dats u buy it. you wont get it any cheaper anywhere else! lol asin lots of luv girlonlineluva11 xxxxxx

    29 August 2015

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