Girl vs Boy Band: The Right Track

Showbiz heaven! Shy songstress Lark vs a hot Brit boy band: who’ll come out on top? Lark has a musical name – and the talent to match. Painfully shy in real life, songwriting is where she speaks out. She writes feisty, heartfelt (and totally secret) songs about school, crushes and family. Too bad no one gets to hear them! Dad lives in Nashville. Mum’s a top record label boss. What’s missing? Only a boy band. But not anymore! Now British pop stars Abbey Road are coming to stay at Lark’s place in L.A. They’re cheeky, loud and cute. It’s all good – until one of them copies Lark’s song…

  • First in a gorgeous new series all about pop music
  • Will Lark find the courage to step into the spotlight?
  • Touching coming-of-age story with a musical twist
  • Think Taylor Swift plus 1D in a glitzy L.A. setting

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