Girls Can Vlog #1: Lucy Locket - Online Disaster

When real life sucks harder than a Dyson Cyclone, what does a girl need? A vlog! It worked for Zoella and JennXPenn. But will it work for Lucy Locket? Moving school is tough. Moving home is tough. So what about moving to a new COUNTRY? For Lucy (seriously shy) it’s beyond tough. It’s horrific! First she’s so nervous on her first day at school that she starts to stutter. Then a shaming video of her is posted up online by the school queen bee! Eeek! Now Lucy’s so anxious she can’t even speak. Total strangers are laughing at her. She’s making a mess of real life. Can she fix things with a vlog?

  • An inspirational story about the power of vlogging
  • Includes tips for starting your own YouTube channel
  • Exciting format with vlog scripts, emails and photos
  • Warm and funny look at friendship and life changes

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    Girls Can Vlog: Lucy Locket – Online Disaster is a #awesome book!!! Also the book is going to be a series! So this book is all about Lucy Lockwood (Locket) moving from America down to England and having a bumpy start on her first day so in despair she leans on her friend Morgan (in text obviously cause she’s in America) and some new friends: Abby, Hermione and Jessie. All the girls tell Lucy she just must vlog because I’d be amazing and fun and Morgan had already been hinting by giving her a vlogging camera a little while ago, so she decides to try and – she LOVES it (after a while)!!!! I’d most definitely recommend this book to anyone who’d love to read a book set out in a fun different way and who loves YouTube! I’d recommend this book 12+ and I’m giving it 5/5 stars!! :-)

    4 May 2016

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