Girls' Night In

The ultimate party companion, simply fizzing with cheeky games, quizzes and puzzles of every kind! If you’re planning a girlie night in – don’t stay home without it! Who can guess which secret celebrity you are impersonating? Can you predict your buddies’ answers in the Either/Or game? Which of you will win the Shop Till You Drop Marathon? And what will your fate be in the Trick or Treat challenge? Spin the wheel and let the games begin! Packed with truth-or-dares, would-you-rathers, fact-or-fantasies and multi-player games, this is the real deal for any sleepover, party or rainy day. Discover the new going out – staying in!

Includes a built-in spinner and over 21 spin-the-wheel games to play!

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  • This is a brilliant book for a sleepover and we used it to test each other and to have fun together! I also bought it for a friend a bit younger than me for her birthday and she loved it!

    7 March 2012

  • rubbish

    rubbish for me!

    17 June 2011

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