Gobbolino the Witch's Cat

Why was I ever born a witch’s kitten? Why – oh, why?

A witch’s cat should be pitch-black all over, with brilliant green eyes and a gift for spiteful witchcraft. But little Gobbolino is born with deep blue eyes, a sweet temper and one white paw. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he hates magic, and dreams of becoming a cosy kitchen cat. What does fate hold in store for him? A much-loved, sweetly spooky classic.

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    I have three cats and this cat on the cover is sssssooooooooooooo cute and sssooo furry i have not read this book before and i will like to read it sooooooooooooooooo much and i like the bubbles on it to but if it has got one-11 pages i will be able to read them all in one night and i like the stars as well as the bubbles and the cat and it’s furry coat but i like it’s fur as well and my brother whould like to read it as well as me ssssoooo is it funny or is it quite funny or is it quite fun and i like the cave on it as well as the stars and the bubbles and the cat does the cat chase a mouse in the story or does the cat chase a fly or a star or a moth or a bug or a leaf or a flower

    26 November 2009

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