Gobbolino the Witch's Cat

Why was I ever born a witch’s kitten? Why – oh, why?

A witch’s cat should be pitch-black all over, with brilliant green eyes and a gift for spiteful witchcraft. But little Gobbolino is born with deep blue eyes, a sweet temper and one white paw. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he hates magic, and dreams of becoming a cosy kitchen cat. What does fate hold in store for him? A much-loved, sweetly spooky classic.

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  • loved it

    this book is a fantastic!!!

    28 October 2008

  • loved it

    It’s adventurous. I enjoyed it because I like cats and there is a problem with a witch’s cat.

    21 October 2008

  • loved it

    I love the cat on the frunt cuver.

    27 April 2008

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