Gok Wan: Work Your Wardrobe

Style supremo and every woman’s best friend, Gok Wan shows you how to look and feel your best! Breathe new life into your wardrobe without breaking the bank. Dressing well is a great way to get an instant confidence boost. But how can you do it without spending a fortune? Simple! Throw open those closet doors, ransack those rails and let Gok turn your wardrobe war zone into a style sanctuary. In his new book Gok takes you back to basics, showing you how to create a brilliantly hard-working wardrobe that you can use every day of your life – while looking amazing! He’ll give you the confidence to create fresh new looks from the classics you already have, and how to recycle boring old clothes into brand new, exciting combinations. And because we all need to treat ourselves now and again, he’ll show you when to invest in those simple style statements that never go out of fashion. By guiding you through each basic in turn, from the little black dress to those comfy jeans, your wardrobe will instantly become more versatile. Packed with Gok’s trademark advice on shopping for your shape and his golden rules on what to avoid, plus a whole section on how to put the finishing touches to outfits with some classic beauty looks, this book will be your very own one-to-one personal styling session with Gok!

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