Granny Grabber's Whizz Bang World

Delilah Smart wants to be normal, but her parents have other ideas. They intend to turn her into a famous child genius, so they force her to study all day and play with educational toys like the Sir Isaac Newton Brain Building Bear. And because Mr and Mrs Smart are Very Busy People Indeed, they buy a childcare robot to do the boring stuff like looking after her. But this particular robot, Granny Grabbers, has a rebellious streak! She lets Delilah eat chocolate cake and bounce on trampolines. She builds home-made aircraft and buys pets on the internet. Under her expert supervision, Delilah is soon learning to have FUN! But then disaster strikes. Happy Home Robotics learn of Granny Grabbers’ errant ways, and replace her with a Nanny Deluxe whose circuits allow NO IMAGINATION. Is Granny Grabbers destined for the scrapheap? Not if Delilah has her way…

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  • i really loved it. recommend to everyone who likes reading!

    7 March 2013

  • I really want to red this book

    5 March 2013

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