HALO: Official Spartan Field Manual

Spartans are humanity’s first and last line of defence in a hostile 26th century galaxy. You have been selected to join their ranks. Which means you’ll need this field manual: your survival guide to every part of the United Nations Space Command (UNSC) SPARTAN-IV program. The first port of call for every new Spartan. Inside its pages you’ll learn how to use your enhanced strength, speed and skills for War Games training simulations and, ultimately, real-life combat. Weapons. Vehicles. Allies. Enemies. Tactics. All in here. Failure is death. This book is survival.

  • The ultimate guide to staying alive on the HALO battlefield
  • Everything you need to join the ranks of the Spartan soldiers
  • Maps, facts, background info, characters, weapons and more
  • All with dramatic colour artwork and hugely readable text

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