Hank Zipzer: Niagara Falls - Or Does It?

Meet Hank Zipzer. He’s smart. He’s creative. He’s funny. And he wants to do well in school – he really does. But somehow everything he does turns out back to front and inside out! And now he’s accidentally flooded the classroom with his Niagara Falls project. The teacher, the principal and (scariest of all!) the school bully are all soaking wet… and Hank is most definitely in BIG TROUBLE, again! How on earth is Hank going to survive another year of school, dyslexia, and his crazy family life? A smash-hit new comedy series written by Golden Globe-winning actor Henry Winkler.

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  • Photo of Henry Winkler & Lin Oliver

    Henry Winkler & Lin Oliver

    Everyone knows Henry Winkler as The Fonz from TV’s Happy Days but did you know that he’s also an acclaimed children’s book author for his Hank Zipzer and Ghost Buddy series, co-written with writer/producer Lin Oliver?


    In 2011 Henry Winkler was awarded an OBE for his services to children’s literacy.

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