Hannah Montana: Crush-tastic

Miley just can’t get her mind off Jake Ryan, the cutest boy at school. But should she tell him how she feels? Maybe someone more experienced in the rules of romance could help. Just in time, Miley’s Aunt Dolly comes to visit. At last Miley has someone to talk to girl-to-girl. But disaster strikes when Miley confesses her love for Jake on a home movie that Aunt Dolly is making, and the tape ends up in Jake’s hands by mistake! Aunt Dolly is a whiz at going undercover… but will she be able to get the tape back before Miley’s secret is revealed?

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  • i have been reading all of the hannah montana books but really want to read this one but i think that it will be as good as all of the others

    24 August 2013

  • loved it

    This is a great book it’s better than any other.I recemend this book to my best friends Molly, Olivia, Nalani ,Caitlin and to my bestest friend Hannah.

    10 November 2010

  • loved it

    I love this book! Jake Ryan is a celebrity at Miley’s school and Miley secretly fancies him. Miley’s aunt Dolly comes.Oliver is videoing clips for the principal because he is leaving. Oliver and Aunt Dolly’s video cameras are nearly the same. Aunt Dolly has footage of Miley saying she fancies Jake and the camera ends up in his hands. OH NO!

    Miley and Lily try out for the cheerleading squad to get more Miley/Lily time together. Miley ends up as the pirates mascot riding a pink trycicle! Robbie Ray ask’s Jackson tries to fix the piping in the Stuart household. BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!! Jacson blows the pipes and gets water all over Oliver. He stuffs some chinese food down the plug hole, Mr Stuart takes a shower and ends up with Chinese food all over his head!

    Very good book. Lots of laughter guaranteed. A++++++

    1 March 2008

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