Hannah Montana: Seeing Green

Love trouble is in the air when Miley makes a mistake and turns down the wrong boy. All the girls at school think Jake Ryan is the ultimate hottie, but Hannah thinks he’s so handsome he’s getting a big head! So when Jake asks her out, she turns him down. But when Miley’s alter ego Hannah Montana appears on Jake’s TV show, she realises that he’s a good guy after all. Just when she’s about to change her mind and accept Jake’s offer, he blindsides her by inviting her best friend Lilly on a date! Soon Hannah is seeing green. Jealousy is alive and well in Malibu!

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  • brillant and fantastic. miley and lily are funny

    25 January 2010

  • loved it

    This book is telling that you don’t turn some one down when you don’t really know there personality, because they could be nice or bad.


    31 August 2008

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