Hannah Montana Sticker Paradise

Hannah’s back from Hollywood – and now she’s really hit the big time, she’s celebrating with a starry sticker parade! Open it up to find a sticker sheet bonanza where Hannah struts her funky stuff on nearly everything! Decorate your own sticker album. Let her smile out from your schoolbooks. Give Hannah cards and letters to all your best friends. With funky chick Hannah and her favourite things on every colourful sticker, now you can turn your world into a Hannah paradise!

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  • fab sticker set of hannah and all her stuff! great!

    11 October 2009

  • loved it

    i love hannah montana it is so much fun i would love to live double sided

    23 September 2009

  • loved it

    this the rocking thing tant i am going to oder lol

    24 April 2009

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