Happy Families Pack

These classic comic stories from a favourite author have been a childhood staple for more than thirty years. Pairing deliciously funny writing with vibrant illustrations, they are great for reading alone – or sharing with the whole family! What will Miss Dose the Doctors’ Daughter do when her parents get sick and she is left running the surgery? Can Mr Buzz and his beekeeping family stop their lovely honey bees from buzzing off? How should Miss Lather stop her laundry getting her all worked up? And will Clara Cliff, a mountain climber, stay on top of the ups and downs in her family life?

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  • Allan Ahlberg

    Allan Ahlberg is one of Britain’s best-loved children’s writers and is the author of over a hundred books.


    Allan’s work has been recognised by many of the top awards in children’s books, including The Red House Children’s Book Award for The Jolly Postman, The Man Who Wore All of His Clothes and The Pencil.

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