Harry Hill's TV Burp Book

Let Harry show you how the ‘magic’ of TV really happens! It’s You’ve Been Framed – with extra celebrities! Only with the help of Harry Hill’s all new TV Burp Book can you finally find out what happens when…

  • Ant and Dec meet up at night using the secret tunnel that connects their Chiswick homes
  • Bear Grylls has to survive alone for days in a 5-star hotel, and…
  • Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall helps the tenants of a block of flats rear their own oxen.

Plus… Get rich with Alan Sugar. TV in the future. Spooky tales with Derek Acorah. Perfect nights in with Alan Titchmarsh and Pete Doherty. 2-D You’ve Been Framed – and celebrities hiding behind bushes!

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