Heartland #19: From This Day On

While Amy’s sister Lou prepares for her wedding, Amy is contemplating her own plans for the future. She is a senior now, and her SATs scores have turned out unexpectedly good. Now Amy, who had never considered life beyond Heartland, is thinking about college. How can she tell Ty and her family? What should she choose? With the arrival of a lost pony one snowy morning, Amy is able to conceal her secret – for now. But a very difficult decision lies ahead…

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    This is a realistic story that is literally of growing up: and facing university, exam scores.. and your courier; it’s a atmospheric book which gives you romance, humour, and even a wedding as well as the realistic storyline. It shows Amy, convinced she will stay at Heartland when she grows up.. why shouldn’t she? But unexpectedly high exam scores leave her wondering.. But Heartland is all she’s known, she will have to leave Ty, her boyfriend and everyone she loves, and her sister is leaving anyway due to her wedding. But most importantly, will her mum of approved?.. who would of thought the arrival of a lost pony would help.. You will love this easy- to get into book, and despite being realistic it isn’t unpleasantly serious, not in the least! recommended age 12-17

    26 August 2015

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